PsygNAT is a free firewall and NAT router tool for i386 which boots off on a single floppy. It is based on the OpenBSD kernel and therefore, uses pf as its native ruleset management.

PsygNAT contains the necessary tools in configuring a simple NAT router, a stateful (and transparent) firewall, or a bandwidth limiter via ALTQ. It supports both static and dynamic client setup. It also includes mg, an emacs-like text editor, which can be used to write firewall and network address translation rules.

PsygNAT is free for download by anyone, under the terms of an ISC-like license and other licenses found on the OpenBSD sources.

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The image used in this page are copyrighted by OpenBSD, by Theo de Raadt, or by developers or members of the OpenBSD group. The name PsygNAT came from my IRC nick: 'psygnosis' and the acronym 'NAT'. Ugh! I just can't think of a good name. The word 'psygnosis' used in this site is not in anyway related to Sony Computer Entertainment.