Alumni Scholarship Program

In keeping with the mission and goals of the Alumni Foundation, a scholarship program committee was created by the Board of Trustees. The purpose is to attract the brightest applicants from the undergraduate class not only in the Metro Manila area but in the entire country to enroll at the medical school in Fairview, Quezon City. 

Attracting a core of bright and motivated students in the program would help in establishing FEU-NRMF as a premier medical school. 

    The Committee has set-up three criteria for an applicant to be considered in the program:
    1. NMAT score of 90 and above 
    2. Latin honors, at least Cum Laude
    3. Board placement if applicable 

    Once accepted in the program, the applicant is offered the following: 
•    Full scholarship (provided by the medical school or Foundation) 
•    Miscellaneous expenses as part of tuition-Foundation
•    Semestral allowance not to exceed $600
•    Book allowances 
    Retention in the program from the second semester of First Year to Fourth Year would be based on the academic performance (maintaining the GWA or class rankings). 

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