FEU-NRMF Research Center for Development


The Research Center for Development is located at the third floor of the Institute of Medicine building. It holds copies of researches done by students, residents, faculty and employees. Materials necessary for the researcher such as: guidelines, manuals and forms are also available at this office. Documents and records of all research related activities are likewise found. In addition, it provides adequate working space for meetings, group discussions and consultations.

The secretary is available from 7 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday to assist investigators with research needs such as: processing of proposals and research manuscripts, literature search, coordinating the use of research facilities, scheduling of reviews, and setting appointments with Research Center for Development members, and technical support group. She can be contacted thru the FEU-NRMF phone at local 1223.



The Mycobacterium Research Laboratory is located on the fifth floor of the Institute of Medicine building. It was also created through a grant from PCHRD. In 2001, it was turned over to the Department of Clinical Laboratory and was renamed Microbiology Extension Laboratory.  Although it is now used for processing clinical specimen of the hospital, it can also be used for investigations involving microorganisms, especially Mycobacterium tuberculosis.



The Institute Laboratory is located on the Upper Ground floor of the Institute of Medicine building. Although it mainly functions as a training facility of the School of Laboratory Science, it may be used for the conduct of investigations requiring the equipment and manpower of a medical clinical laboratory. It now houses the cancer research equipment granted by PCHRD.



The E Journal section of the library is connected to an electronic journal provider allowing the investigator to access over 1,000 full text journals. The library staff assigned to this area may assist researchers in downloading, copying and printing materials. 



The FEU-NRMF Clinical Research Unit is located at Josephine Cojuangco Reyes (JCR) Building. The establishment of the clinical research unit has been the brainchild of President Atty. Antonio Abad Jr. and former Medical Director Dr. Policarpo Joves.  In 2015, it came to reality when Dr. May Emmeline B. Montellano spearheaded the set-up of the clinical research unit to cater the required areas in the conduct of clinical trial. 

The unit has several rooms for the conduct of disease awareness, informed consent, physical examination room, laboratory unit, vaccination room, investigational product (IP) room, document room, and storage area. It is equipped with Pharmaceutical Bio-refrigerator, -20oC and -70oC Freezer. Several medical and paramedical professionals including subspecialists, nurses, medical technologists, pharmacists, midwives, and encoders are part of the research team.

In 2016, the first vaccine clinical trial of Sanofi Pasteur CYD66 Dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia) was conducted at the site.  Subsequently, the clinical research unit has been involved and sought by different clinical research organizations (CRO) and pharmaceutical companies in several vaccine and drug trials such as Abbott for Flu vaccine, Synermore for Rabies vaccine, Pfizer antimicrobial, MSD for RSV vaccine and the most recent, Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc. for COVID-19 vaccine. 

The clinical research unit has been cited already in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal for the conduct of Dengue vaccine.



The FEU-NRMF Anjmal Care Unit (ACU) is an animal facility under the Research Center for Development (RCD) currently located at the 2nd Floor of the FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine Building. It is utilized by faculty researchers from the different schools of the Institution. The FEU-NRMF ACU manages the animal facility. The Animal Facility can hold approximately 60 rodents at any given time. It is equipped to handle research protocols classified under the current Animal Biosafety Level 1.  

The animal house has a total floor area of 12 square meters for preparation room separated from the animal room 24  square meters with a glass sliding  door.





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