• Age of at least 16-60 years old (16-17 need parental/guardian consent)
  • Weight is at least 110 lbs or 50 kgs
  • The temperature should not exceed 37.5°C
  • Blood pressure: systolic pressure shall not exceed 160mm and the diastolic pressure is less than 100mm
  • Hemoglobin: Female donors= 125 to 175 g/L; Male donors= 135 to 185 g/L

Donation Procedure

1. Donors are required to fill up a donor form honestly and as accurate as possible regarding donor’s medical history
2. Your blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, hemoglobin and temperature will be checked by a trained doctors and staff.
3. After completing all the screening tests you will be given a bed and you will be extracted upon with the appropriate precautions.
4. During donation lie down and relax while the doctor or staff finishes the extraction, this process will take about 10 to 15 mins.
5. After donation donors will be advised to relax for approximately 10 minutes, to avoid post-donation complications like dizziness, headaches, etc.
6. Donors will be given refreshments and it is advised that you maintain hydrated and avoid strenuous activities for a day, don’t drink alcohol for 12 hours, remove stepty/bandage after 3-6 hours.
7. If there is any reason you feel that the blood should not be given to someone, call 983-8338 loc. 1128 and should donors wish to donate again, repeat donation 12 weeks after the previous donation.

Donors who are not qualified:

  • When donor has history of viral hepatitis, jaundice, drug abuse, cancer, tuberculosis and high sexual behavior
  • Donors who have sudden weight loss, tattoo, leukemia, abnormal bleeding tendencies, syphilis and other diseases


Why Donate?

About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood. Someone needs blood every 2 seconds. Every donor can save up to 3 lives.

We Make Giving Easy

Upper Ground floor, Department of Pathology
And Clinical Laboratory
Contact Number: 983-8338 loc. 1129

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