FEU-NRMF Department of Child Health Residency Program is now accepting applicants.

The Department of Child Health is now accepting applicants for its 3-year residency program!

Being one of the largest clinical departments at FEU-NRMF Medical Center allows them to deliver a multifaceted training approach to younger physicians hoping to learn from their breadth of experience and rich educational background.

Potential mentors include those trained by Dr. Fe Del Mundo - the first chairman of FEU-NRMF's Child Health department and the person whom we attribute the Philippines' modern child healthcare system.

Join the legacy by submitting the following requirements (4 copies each):

1. Application letter addressed to:

  • Nolan E. Pecho, MD - Chief Medical Officer
  • Rene PSA Mendoza, MD - Chief of Clinics
  • Naomi S. Nocheseda, MD - Chair, Department of Child Health

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. 2x2 picture

4. Photocopy of:

  • PRC
  • PhilHealth
  • TIN
  • SSS

5. Diploma

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Internship
  • PRC Certificate

6. Board rating

7. Transcript of records

8. Information sheet


For more information contact or email : 

Phone/Mobile Number: 8 983 8338 local 1513 or 0922 865 5020
Email: [email protected]

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