Less than 30 minutes FREE
First 3 Hours PHP 30.00
In excess of 3 hours PHP 10.00 per succeeding hour or a fraction thereof


Less than 30 minutes FREE
First 3 Hours PHP 60.00
In excess of 3 hours PHP 20.00 per succeeding hour or a fraction thereof



  1. This ticket is a subject to the rules and regulations of FEU-NRMF
  2. Patron shall be held liable for any damage they cause to the parking area or its accessories or to persons, or any other property inside the subject area.
  3. The Management is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of vehicle or its accessories or articles left therein.
  4. Legitimate parking ticket holders who lost their ticket shall be required to present their original LTO certificate of registration or any other proof of identification as may be deemed satisfactory to the management and pay a corresponding penalty fee of 100.00 (not including actual charges for parking space used)
  5. Vehicles left in the parking area for more than 24 hours will be reported to authorities for proper action unless prior arrangement was made with the Management.
  6. In the interest of hospital security and its patron, the Management reserves the right to allow or reject any vehicle to and from its parking premises.
  7. This parking ticket must be presented upon exists
  8. All parking rates are subjected to change without prior notice

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