The FEU-NRMF Department of Child Health is an acknowledged provider of excellent pediatric education, training, and research. It is one of few Level III accredited hospitals and training institutions of the Philippine Pediatric Society, Inc.. Our goal is to provide a holistic and comprehensive, yet compassionate approach in the management of the pediatric patient while helping the family and caregivers make crucial decisions about their child’s medical condition and over-all well being.

We provide healthcare services to all pediatric patients from infancy, childhood, and adolescence that include well-baby and child, adolescents and teens, the acutely ill, the critically ill, the injured, patients who need emergent and urgent care, and patients who need subspecialty expertise and referral. 

Our Adolescent Clinic partners with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for teenage pregnancies, prenatal counseling, and for screening, education, and management of sexually transmitted infections. The Clinic partners with the Department of Medicine for adolescent transition care towards adulthood, and mental health issues.

Our faculty and consultants include general pediatricians and a pool of subspecialists who are all board-certified by the PPS and its Subspecialty Societies and whose clinical practices are anchored on evidence-based medicine and research.  


Outpatient Clinic for Service Patients and 3rd Floor PAY Pediatric Clinics

Sick baby/child/ adolescent visits
•    Visit due to minor illness and injuries
•    ORT Clinic

Well baby/child visits 
Preventive Pediatric Health Care
•    Prenatal Visit and Counselling in coordination with OB-Gynecology 
•    History: Initial/Interval
•    Developmental Surveillance
•    Screening for Atopy
•    Physical Examination
•    Measurements
a.    Weight and Length/Height
b.    Head Circumference
c.    Blood Pressure
•    General Procedures
a.    Screening for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (NBS)
b.    Screening for Hearing Impairment (Otoacoustic Emission Testing)
c.    Screening for Eye/Visual Defects
d.    Immunization
e.    Iron Supplementation
f.    Deworming
•    Anticipatory Guidance
a.    First Dental Visit    
b.    Nutrition Counselling
c.    Physical Activity
d.    Injury and Poisoning Prevention
e.    Prevention of Child Maltreatment
f.    Counseling on Exposure on Lead and other Toxicants
•    Procedures for Patients at Risk
a.    CBC
b.    Urinalysis
c.    Mantoux Test for Tuberculosis
•    Others
a.    Hypoallergenic Ear piercing

Adolescent Clinic 
•    Catch up Immunization
•    Sex education & counseling
•    Nutrition counseling
•    Procedures for Patients at Risk
d.    CBC
e.    Urinalysis
f.    Lipid profile
g.    Work-Up for Sexually Active Adolescents (HIV screening, SY,etc.)
h.    Mantoux Test for Tuberculosis
i.    Depression Screening

Emergency or Urgent Care:
-Sick baby/child visits
•    Visit due to acute illness and injuries (trauma, burns, etc.)

Pediatric Critical and Intensive Care
•    Intensive care for critically ill 
•    Peritoneal dialysis

Neonatal Intensive Care
•    Essential Intrapartum Newborn Care
•    Care for the Premature
•    Newborn screening
•    Otoacoustic Emission Testing
•    BCG and Hepatitis B vaccination

Subspecialty Services for In-Patients and Outpatients 
•    Allergology & Immunology
•    Critical Care
•    Cardiology
•    Developmental Pediatrics
•    Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
•    Hematology & Oncology 
•    Infectious Diseases
•    Neurology
•    Nephrology
•    Neonatology
•    Pulmonology
•    Toxicology

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