The section is staffed with Licensed/Board Certified Radiologists and Radiologic Technologists.

GE CT SCAN 64 SLICE is a special imaging procedure that uses the same x-rays as in a classic x-ray examination. CT images are much more precise. CT takes pictures of millimeter-thin layers of a selected region inside the body. It supplies valuable information on a large number of diseases and is extremely useful in confirming a tentative diagnosis to initiate the right treatment for the well-being of the patient.

The radiation dose required in CT is higher than in a normal x-ray examination. On the basis of many years of experience, it is accepted that, if the scan is carried out properly, the radiation risk is small and the benefits clearly outweigh any risks. The dose is kept as low as possible when examining children.

Extra precaution is carried out to patients with thyroid and kidney diseases, patients prone to allergies, and women in their early trimester of pregnancy.

CT scan is a fast diagnostic procedure and is often indispensable, for example after an accident involving head injuries to detect any internal injuries or bleeding. It is better than all other procedures at recognizing recent bleeding in particular. Other diseases that can be shown best using CT include bone changes, lung, abdominal and pelvic organ diseases such as malignancy, abscesses, and cysts.

The examination is absolutely safe and won’t hurt. If a contrast medium is needed, you should not eat or drink anything for four hours beforehand. You will be informed before a contrast medium is to be administered. Contrast agents are proven to be safe. Kindly inform any of the staff if you have any allergies towards certain chemicals or if you are diagnosed of thyroid and renal disease. Ask if there are medications that should be discontinued temporarily prior to the procedure.

If you are pregnant or think you might be, please inform any of the staff immediately.


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