For patients with lung diseases and respiratory symptoms; patients needing respiratory services. The section offers most of the modern respiratory services in the medical field at present.


Aerosol Therapy
          Metered  Dose Inhaler
          Dry Powder Inhaler

   Humidity Therapy 
   Oxygen Therapy 
   Arterial Blood Gas 
   Secretion Management 

         Postural Drainage
    Chest Physiotherapy
    Incentive Spirometry
    Mechanical Ventilation

    Peak Expiratory Flow Rate Monitoring
    Pulmonary Function Testing 

         Lung Volume Studies
         Simple Spirometry Studies
    Pulse Oximetry 
         Continuous Pulse Oximetry Monitoring
          Pulse Oximetry Studies
          Spot checking
    Purified Protein Derivative (Mantoux test)
    Spontaneous Breathing Trials (Weaning Process)
    Sputum Induction
    Negative Inspiratory Force
    TB DOTS 


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