Nicanor Reyes Tower

Nicanor Reyes Tower

    Along with other universities and commercial centers in Quezon City, the Nicanor Reyes Tower has made it easier for commuters not only to identify FEU-NRMF’s exact location while strolling along Regalado Avenue or even viewing Google Maps, but to ascertain that they are indeed in Fairview – one of the bustling, yet most affordable, residential areas in the Metro.

    Prior to its opening and inauguration on August 1, 2016, much hype and speculation surrounded its groundbreaking in 2012; for the clamor of the Foundation’s stakeholders was to immediately answer three demands – additional classrooms, doctors’ clinics, and parking slots. A year into the chairmanship of Ambassador Nicanor C. Reyes III, he reiterated the primary purpose of the Foundation’s existence – as indicated in the Articles of Incorporation, FEU-NRMF is “a non-stock, non-profit educational corporation.” Thus, priority was given to the needs of the Institute.

    In the absence of busts and following the lead of the JCR Building, the best way to pay homage to FEU founder Nicanor B. Reyes, Sr; FEU-NRMF Founding Chairman Nicanor M. Reyes, Jr.; and incumbent Chairman Ambassador Nicanor C. Reyes III, was through an iconic 20-storey landmark. The first eight floors are dedicated exclusively to parking. Boasting over 200 slots, this tripled the former capacity of the tower’s current site which used to be an outdoor basketball court and parking. The 6th floor acts as a convergence zone for the Tower, the Institute of Medicine Building, and the Medical Center whilst having an outdoor dining/alfresco area, and lecture halls and rooms. The barrage of lecture halls and rooms continue up to the 11th with a few additions on the said floor - alumni offices, student council offices, and two conference rooms. On the 12th floor, you will find two more conference rooms, two reading rooms, the Audio-Visual Room, and the Faculty Lounge. Adhering to age-old building traditions, there is no 13th floor. Instead, one may immediately proceed to the 14th floor using any of the four high-speed elevators accessible to the public and they will be met by the courteous staff of the Nicanor Reyes, Jr. Medical Library. Moving on to the 15th floor, seven clinical departments were relocated here – Child Health/Pediatrics, Community and Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and Surgery. A conference room was made available as well for our consultants’ meetings. To add, a scenic elevator facing Regalado Avenue is at the disposal of the top-performing physicians of the Medical Center to lessen their travel time from their offices to their clinics. Proceeding to the 16th, the top administrators of both the Institute and the Medical Center may be found here – the Corporate Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. On the 17th are the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Vice Chairman, President, the Board Room, and Executive Lounge. Topping the tower is a helipad where, upon seeking permission from management, you will witness breathtaking views of La Mesa Dam, Rizal mountain ranges, the nearby malls, and skyscrapers in the various business districts of Metro Manila.

Institute of Medicine Building

Institute of Medicine Building

    This is the oldest structure on campus. Inaugurated on November 8, 2000, with Former President Corazon C. Aquino as Guest of Honor, it symbolized the independence of the Foundation from close to five decades of stewardship under Far Eastern University in Manila. Further, the Board of Trustees resolved to dedicate the building to the benefactors whose generosity and participation made the relocation to Fairview possible. Recognition and honor was given as well to the forefathers of the Institute in 1952 namely FEU Chairman Jose Cojuangco, Sr; FEU President Teodoro T. Evangelista; Dean Lauro H. Panganiban Jr.; Hospital Director Ricardo L. Alfonso; Assistant Hospital Director Ricardo L. de Guzman; Medical Clinic Director Dr. Aureo F. Gutierrez; and Executive Vice President Nicanor Reyes, Jr. who expressly stated that they envisioned an “Institute of Medicine recognized not only by the medical profession but also by all the respected scientific and cultural societies in the world.”

    With this, all facilities contained within the six-storey building ensure that students are equipped with the proper tools and avenues to receive world-class medical education. The hands-on nature of health care resulted in the construction of close to thirty laboratories. For ease of movement and to avoid rushing to each class, over twenty lecture rooms were placed in close proximity with one another. The other rooms comprise offices catered to meeting both student and faculty needs:

Lower Ground
•    Book Store
•    Clinic
•    Cyber-medicine
•    Library Extension
•    Skills Laboratory
•    Technical Resources Office

Upper Ground

•    Accounting
•    Admissions
•    Biochemistry Laboratory
•    Clinical Pathology Laboratory
•    Department of Biochemistry
•    Department of Pathology
•    Drug Testing Laboratory
•    Guidance
•    Medical Laboratory Science Laboratory
•    Property and Supply
•    Registrar
•    Satellite Laboratory
•    School of Medical Technology
•    School of Medicine
•    School of Nursing
•    School of Physical Therapy
•    School of Radiologic Technology
•    School of Respiratory Therapy
•    Student Affairs

2nd Floor

•    Animal House
•    Biology Laboratory
•    Department of Micro-parasitology
•    Department of Pharmacology
•    Department of Physiology
•    Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory
•    Institutional Ethics Review Committee
•    Lecture Rooms
•    Medical Laboratory Science Laboratory
•    Microbiology Laboratory
•    Molecular Laboratory
•    Parasitology Laboratory
•    Pharmacology Laboratory
•    Zoology Laboratory

3rd Floor

•    Community Engagement
•    Faculty Association
•    Housekeeping
•    Lecture Hall
•    Lecture Rooms
•    Physical Therapy Laboratory
•    Physical Therapy Student Council
•    Research and Development
•    Retirement
•    Student Personnel Services
•    X-ray Laboratory

4th Floor

•    Department of Human Structural Biology (HSB)
•    Gross HSB Laboratory
•    Lecture Rooms
•    Microscopic – Neural HSB Laboratory
•    Respiratory Therapy Laboratory
•    School of Nutrition and Dietetics
•    School of Pharmacy

5th Floor

•    Botany Laboratory
•    Canteen
•    Chemistry Laboratory
•    General Education Laboratory
•    Lecture Rooms
•    Nursing Skills Laboratory
•    Nutrition Laboratory
•    Pharmacy Laboratory
•    Physics Laboratory

6th Floor

•    Budget and Audit
•    Business Development and Marketing
•    Canteen
•    Comptroller
•    Conference Room
•    Facility Management
•    Human Resources
•    Information Technology
•    Special Accounts Management

Josephine Cojuangco-Reyes Building

Josephine Cojuangco-Reyes Building

    JCR, as she was fondly called, happens to be the daughter of Jose Cojuangco, Sr, former FEU Chairman; and wife of Dr. Nicanor M. Reyes, Jr, eldest son of the FEU Founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr. However, it wasn’t because of her affiliations or family ties that a building was named in her honor. Dr. Reyes was first an educator and administrator of Far Eastern University – Manila from 1953-1989 – Head, Department of Speech and Drama; Principal, Girls High School; Dean, Institute of Arts and Sciences; Vice President for Academic Affairs; Vice President for Administrative Affairs, and finally President from 1985-1989. 

    Although she stepped down as President of the university in 1989, she continued as Chairman of FEU-NRMF. A position she held from 1982 to her untimely passing on July 26, 2011. Her contributions to the Foundation include the conception of FEU Hospital in 1952, the formation of FEU-NRMF itself in 1971, establishment of the School of Physical Therapy in 1994, the relocation to Fairview in 1999, and the establishment of the School of Nursing in 2003. Through her leadership, many more milestones were achieved by the people she appointed and it goes without saying that her accolades speak for themselves.

    It was her decision to create a building that would strengthen camaraderie of students, faculty, employees, etc. through upgraded sports facilities. After all, it was only an outdoor basketball court available at the time. The ground floor now contains a swimming pool utilized by those taking Physical Education subjects as well as Physical Therapy allowing them to learn survival techniques, and water rehabilitation and therapy methods. Additional parking slots are available as well given the prominence of private vehicles before the advent of Transportation Network Vehicle Services and the MRT-7. Going up the 2nd Floor will lead you to classrooms, research and development, and the Senior High School book store and cafeteria. The 3rd-floor houses more classrooms, the Senior High School Faculty office, a Fitness Gym, and two dug-outs for home and away teams. On the 4th Floor, is a stock room, gym equipment room, first aid room, and the basketball court which also serves as a multi-purpose venue for volleyball, badminton, futsal, table tennis, concerts, pageants, bingo games, awards nights, and Halloween and Christmas parties. The final floor is the Mezzanine which has an executive viewing box and a conference room.


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