1. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
  2. Active/valid PRC license
  3. Updated PTR
  4. Attended training/programs required by the Medical Center
  5. Attended seminars set by PSHP/PPHA as part of the Continuing Education/Learning of the pharmacist.

Job Description:

  1. Suggests alternative drugs with available generic and/or therapeutic equivalent to the physician through the Nurses.
  2. Maintains a complete & accurate drug profile of important pertinent information for each patient.
  3. Reviews patients’ charts & specifically checks doctor’s orders against medication administration records and patients profile.
  4. Physically checks medicines on hand in the medication box, most specially antibiotics.
  5. Files documents such as Restricted Antibiotic Form, 7th day form and Drug Interaction Assessment Form.
  6. Provides adequate drug control ensuring that drugs are properly handled and stored; records temperature for room and Biorefrigerator the storage 
  7. Provides Pharmacist Notes to notify doctors/or nurses on the 5th day of completed antibiotic use.
  8. Summarizes, Investigates & prepares reports on any discrepancies or deviations found in patient medication, on confiscated drugs, on Qads.
  9. Training of student interns, showing them how the turnaround of duties in the section of UDDDS/AMS/DI, blended learning in a hospital pharmacy setting.
  10. Ensures proper usage of equipment such as Biorefrigerator, digital weighing scales, apparatus for compounding, computers, and laptops.etc.
  11. Maintains cleanliness in the area following proper waste segregation 
  12. Recommends generic & therapeutic equivalents as substitute for prescribed medicines which are not available. Gives information on the available stock doses of drugs. Refers duplication of therapies, appropriateness of doses.

Interested applicants may submit their resume to: [email protected]

WALK IN APPLICANTS are welcome every Monday to Friday at 8:00 am or 1:30 pm.
Just bring updated Resume and photocopy of TOR, Diploma, Board of Rating, PRC ID and other documents relevant to application. Just proceed to the HR Division and look for Mr. Luis Rodriguez (Human Resources Officer) or Ms. Riza Arzaga (Psychometrician).

Email: [email protected]
Trunkline: (02) 8 983 8338
Local: 1211/1233/3623

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