In 1952, the Institute of Medicine was born, a medical school staffed by some of the most prominent names in Philippine medicine. The high expectations generated then have since been fulfilled dramatically by its top-rated graduates.

The Institute of Medicine, in fact, was an idea conceived as early as the incorporation of Far Eastern University in 1934. Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr., founder and first president of FEU, dreamt of an Institute of Medicine in line with his vision of building up FEU, already a pioneer in progressive non-sectarian education, into a school dedicated to help in nation-building in as many areas of service as possible.

The members of the medical community became the Institute’s first administration with Dr. Lauro H. Panganiban as Dean; Dr. Aureo F. Gutierrez, Director of the Far Eastern University Medical Clinic; and Dr. Ricardo L. Alfonso, Director of FEU Hospital. To formulate policies and to supervise the operation of the hospital, the above-mentioned administrators were joined by Teodoro Evangelista, President of the Far Eastern University; Nicanor Reyes, Jr., Executive Vice President; Don Angel Palanca and Hector del Rosario as members



The Institute of Medicine occupied the third to the seventh floor of the Science Building of the University. In 1955, the hospital construction was completed.

The first class graduated in March 1957. Since that time, its graduates have topped or placed in the top ten positions of the government medical board examinations. Remarkably too, has been the consistency of the high passing average they have logged in these tests. Capping these successes, graduates of the Institute of Medicine have worked their way to important staff, research and teaching positions, not only in the Institute itself but also in other medical establishments in the country and abroad.

In 1960, the Institute started another branch of training in health sciences when it admitted the first batch of students in the School of Medical Technology. In March 1963, the Institute turned out the first Medical Technology graduates after intensive 12 months in-service training as interns in the laboratories of the FEU Hospital and other recognized training hospitals in Manila.


The seventh day of August 1970 marks a milestone in the history of the Institute of Medicine of the Far Eastern University. Aware of modern trends in medical education, the Board of Trustees, upon ratification by its stockholders, announced the conversion of the Institute of Medicine, School of Medical Technology, and the Hospital into a non-stock, non-profit educational foundation, now known as the Far Eastern University – Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, Inc.


In 1983, the FEU-NRMF purchased and transferred into two University buildings adjacent to the hospital and renovated them to satisfy the needs of a modern institution of learning. This move, however, could not contain the rapid growth of the student population nor tolerate the steady decline of the surrounding environment. Thus, in 1995, the Board of Trustees approved the relocation of FEU-NRMF to a one and a half hectare lot in Fairview, Quezon City.

Answering the demands for quality healthcare professionals, the Institute accepted about 120 third year Physical Therapy students in 1996. In the same year, architectural plans completed, a ceremonial groundbreaking was held in West Fairview on December 22. The latest addition to the FEU-NRMF family is the School of Nursing and the School of Respiratory Therapy established in 2003 and 2009 respectively.

Since 1999, FEU-NRMF, an excellent medical complex, is located in a healthy, safe, and peaceful environment conducive for education and medical care in West Fairview, Quezon City. With ample room for parking, physicians’ offices and ancillary services, it provides premier health care services to an ever-increasing number of patients.


Recently added to the FEU-NRMF family is the School of Nursing which started operating in 2003 and the School of Respiratory Therapy which began admitting students in June 2009.

As part of its expansion efforts, the institute has been upgrading its training facilities, hence, the construction of the Josephine Cojuangco Reyes (JCR) Building in 2010, which presently houses the gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness gym, and additional classrooms.

FEU-NRMF is a member of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities. The School of Medicine is accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) and the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) granted Level I Accredited Status to the Medicine Program in 2011 and is due for reaccreditation this year. Likewise, the Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, and Nursing Programs are accredited by PACUCOA.


On September 30, 2011, Mr. Nicanor C. Reyes III was installed as the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Continuing on with the legacy of the founders, Chairman Reyes’ vision of bringing FEU-NRMF to new heights was evident with the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a 22-story tower on July 26, 2012. This will answer the growing need for classrooms, lecture halls, library expansion, and other facilities for school activities. Organizational change was also instituted. Atty. Antonio H. Abad, Jr. was appointed as the President of FEU-NRMF on April 15, 2013. The academic community was likewise reorganized having Deans of the eight program offerings under the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Three new programs were added namely Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Radiologic Technology, with CHED permission to operate starting S.Y. 2013-2014.

From the first batch of graduates, FEU-NRMF has consistently maintained a percentage passing rate well above the national passing level and has placed in the top ten positions of the government licensure examinations in all courses. In addition, graduates of the Foundation have worked their way to important staff, research and teaching positions, not only in the Institute but in other medical establishments in the country and abroad.